How To Set Up Spring Boot Project With Gradle

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You’ll learn to,

  • Set up the project using Gradle without Spring Initializr.

  • Generate a java project using Gradle command line.

  • Work on the build file to add the required plugins and dependencies.

  • Discuss core Gradle plugins, community plugins and the Gradle plugins portal.

  • Then generate the eclipse configuration files and import the project to eclipse.


The Gradle command to generate the project

On Windows: gradlew init --type java-library

On Mac: ./gradlew init --type java-library

The Gradle command to generate eclipse configuration files:

On Windows: gradlew eclipse

On Mac: ./gradlew eclipse


Core Gradle plugins:

Build Init plugin -

Java plugin -

eclipse plugin -

idea plugin -

Gradle plugins portal:

Spring Boot plugin -

Spring dependency management plugin -